Is Guest Posting Still Effective? Answer!

Guest posting has long been regarded as one of the best and most cost-effective ways to build high-quality backlinks.

That can boost your search engine ranking and send valuable traffic to your website. 

However, when Google Penguin rolled out in 2012.

The effectiveness of guest posting was put into question by many SEOs and webmasters. 

Since then, guest posting has made somewhat of a comeback due to the birth of other spam filters.

Is guest posting still effective? Answer!

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Is Guest Posting Still Effective? Answer! 

The short answer is yes. 

Guest posting still works better than almost any other tactic for building links and reaching new audiences. 

In today’s post, I’ll share why it works so well and how you can use it to build links and drive traffic to your site. 


Allow us to start.

 First, let’s talk about why guest posting works so well. 

It’s not just because you can submit your own site to a high-quality website and get a link back. 

If that were all there was to it, guest posting wouldn’t work as well as it does. 


So what makes guest posting different from other link building tactics? 

The answer is that guest posting helps you build links and drive traffic in two ways:

-1- by helping you find good targets for links 

-2- and by improving your visibility within your niche. 

Let’s take a look at each of these benefits in more detail… 

-1- by helping you find good targets for links 

Finding Targets for Links Link building has changed over time.

—And today, we don’t just want any old link; we want links from sites with authority in our niche. 

This means finding sites that are likely to rank well for your target keywords and are likely to accept your content. 

And when you’re starting out, identifying those kinds of websites can be tough. 

To get new leads, this is when guest blogging would be advantageous. 

With the aid of writing articles for different people’s blogs.

You’ll learn which sites have authority in your niche and which ones would be willing to accept a guest post from you. 

Once you know who they are, getting links from them will be much easier. 

-2- and by improving your visibility within your niche. 

Improving Your Visibility When You Launch One of my favourite things about guest posting is how effectively it improves your visibility when you launch a new site or product.


Is Guest Posting Easy?

It relies upon on what you’re seeking to gain.

If you’re looking for links, then guest posting is still a viable strategy [Easy]. 

But if you’re looking to build relationships with influencers, guest posting isn’t always effective [Not Easy]. 

It all comes down to how you use it: as a promotional tool.

Or as an opportunity to get your name out there in front of people who are interested in what you have to say.

Just because guest posting has been effective in your industry doesn’t mean it will be effective for you. 

What if your target audience is all over Twitter, and never visits blogging communities? 

Do guest posts even work for your niche anymore? 

Knowing what to publish can get tricky quickly; as with everything else in marketing.

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula.


Why Do People Post Guests?

The potential benefits are numerous, including but not limited to: 

-boosting your website’s search engine ranking, 

-building new relationships with others in your niche, 

-getting a chance to be featured on an authoritative website 

-or even just bringing some new traffic and attention to your own site. 

However is it simply well worth it?


5 Reasons Why Do People Post Guests.

1] To get a backlink. 

A backlink is an important part of SEO and guest posting can be a great way to get one. 

However, as Google’s Penguin update has made it clear.

You need to make sure that your links are coming from relevant sources. 

In other words, don’t just link out to your own site in every post.

Instead of linking out to unrelated sites in your niche, link out to more authoritative ones.

2] To get traffic. 

If you may’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Some bloggers like to use guest posting as a way to get their content in front of more eyes. 

This is especially true if they don’t have a large audience themselves yet.

Or if they want to reach new people who might not be aware of them yet.

3] To establish relationships with other bloggers in your field. 

If you’re just starting, guest posting can be a great way to get noticed by others who are already established within your niche. 

You might even be able to turn these connections into business opportunities down the road!

4] To add credibility to your site. 

If you’re just starting and you don’t have much of an audience yet.

Guest posting can help lend some credibility to your site right from day one. 

It shows that other people think your content is worth sharing.

And it gives others a chance to check out what you’ve got going on without having to go through all of those pesky hoops.

Like signing up for a newsletter or following you on social media first.

5] Because it’s fun! 

If you’re a blogger, why not take advantage of your passion and start writing for other people who share your interests? 

If you love to write, there are few things more enjoyable than coming up with ideas for posts.

And then getting to see them published on another site. 

If you get into it, you might even be able to turn blogging into a full-time job one day.


6 Reasons Why Do People Stop Posting Guests: 

1] It doesn’t always drive traffic. 

If you’re just looking to get more eyes on your site, guest posting might not be worth it for you. 

While some bloggers do see a significant increase in traffic after they post on other sites.

Others only see a minimal boost or even none at all.

2] It can be difficult to get accepted. 

Even if you’re a well-known blogger, it can still be hard to get your guest posts published on other sites. 

Some bloggers will only accept posts from people they know personally or who have built up a significant audience already. 

If you’re just starting, you might find that you have to wait until your site has been around for a while.

Before other bloggers are willing to publish your content.

3] Thirdly, It is time-consuming. 

Even if you do get accepted, guest posting can be a lot of work.

You’ll have to come up with ideas for your posts, write them, and promote them on social media.

And then keep track of how many visitors they drive to your site so that you can report back to your host. 

If you don’t want to put in all of that extra work, it might not be worth it for you.

4] Your content might not fit in with their style or audience.

 Some bloggers will only accept posts from people who write about a certain topic or for a certain type of audience. 

If you write for an older, more conservative crowd.

It probably won’t make sense to try to guest post on a site that is geared towards young moms.

5] Results may be slow to appear. 

As we mentioned above, it can be hard to track your results when you’re guest posting. 

If you don’t know how many visitors each post is driving to your site.

It can be difficult to tell if guest posting is worth it for you or not.

6] Sixth, You might get banned. 

Even if you do see results, you could still end up getting banned from a site.

If you don’t follow their rules or promote your posts in a way that makes other bloggers feel uncomfortable. 

Make sure to read over any guest posting guidelines before you submit anything.

And always be professional when promoting your content on social media or anywhere else online.


How Do I Get Clients For My Guest Posting? Answer!

This is one of those questions that comes up a lot. 

It’s also one of those questions that I find very interesting because it involves some basic business and marketing principles. 

I think there are a lot of people who are trying to figure out how to get clients for guest posting.

But they don’t realize that if you follow some basic rules, you can get clients from any source. 

So here’s my answer to how do I get clients for my guest posting?

1] Firstly, have a great product or service to offer. 

You can get clients from anywhere, but you have to have something to offer them. 

If you don’t, then no one will want to work with you and your guest posting efforts will be fruitless. 

So make sure that whatever it is that you are offering people is something they want and need. 

You should be able to show how it solves their problems.

Or improves their lives in some way before trying to convince them that working with you is a good idea.

2] Be ready to work hard. 

You can get clients from anywhere, but you have to be willing to work hard for them. 

If you aren’t willing to put in some time and effort, then you will never get clients from any source. 

So if you want to get clients for your guest posting efforts, then you need to be ready and willing to do what it takes.

3] Know what you are doing. 

You can get clients from anywhere, but you have to know what you are doing. 

If you don’t know how to market yourself or your business.

Then it doesn’t matter where you try to get clients from because no one will be interested in working with you. 

So if you want to get clients for your guest posting efforts, then make sure that your marketing skills are top-notch.

And that you know exactly what it takes to succeed in business.

4] So consider Building relationships. 

You can get clients from anywhere, but you have to build relationships with people first. 

If you try to approach someone cold and ask them for work without building a relationship first.

Then you will probably be ignored or rejected. 

So if you want to get clients for your guest posting efforts.

Then make sure that you are building relationships with people in your niche and elsewhere before asking them for anything.


How Do I Submit a Guest Post? Answer!

Now that you’ve figured out what kind of guest post to write.

It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get it in front of your target audience. 

2 Main Ways To Submit a Guest Post

There are two main ways: 

-1 -pitch a guest post 

-2 – submit one. 

 -1- Submit a guest post 

Submitting is when you send your guest post straight to a publication—no pitching involved.

– If you’re confident in your pitch, it can be easier to submit a complete guest post than to pitch your idea. 

Your pitch will be more detailed and offer more value to editors if you’ve already written content that serves as proof of concept for what you’re pitching. 

For example, if you want to write about a specific topic or theme.

Try writing an introductory post on that theme before contacting editors.

-2- Pitch a guest post 

Pitching is when you contact an editor directly and ask if they would be interested in publishing your content on their site. 

– If you aren’t ready to write a full guest post or can’t offer enough value on your own.

 Pitching is an excellent way to get in front of editors. 

You may even want to combine pitching and submitting: 

Send over an outline for a future post and ask if they would be interested in publishing it. 

This gives them a chance to weigh in on your topic before you put in any work.


What Is Paid Guest Posting? Answer!

Paid Guest Posting is the act of writing an original piece for a website, and then being paid to publish it. 

This is often referred to as sponsored content or native advertising. 

Many blogs, including those in niche industries, pay their contributors for guest posts. 

It can be a lucrative way to make money online if you have a knack for producing quality content that readers will love.



Yes, guest posting can still be effective. 

While it won’t produce instant results, many publishers have tightened up their standards for accepting guest posts.

 It remains an important part of a content marketer’s outreach strategy. 

By mastering both strategies—guest posting and content marketing.

—You’ll be able to get your link bait in front of more readers than ever before.

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