How is a marketing dashboard distinguishable from a marketing metric?

It may seem like they are the same thing, but they have some key differences that you need to consider.

 And that is if you are in charge of implementing either one of them in your marketing strategy. 

To effectively combine them into your toolbox, you should be familiar with their uses and distinct purposes.

 And also the circumstances that might call for either one of them to be deployed and used in place of another option.

So in this article, we will explain the five ways how a marketing dashboard is distinguishable from a marketing metric.


How is a Marketing Dashboard Distinguishable From a Marketing Metric?

To make data-driven decisions, you need to be able to differentiate between marketing metrics and marketing dashboards.

A marketing metric is a specific measure of how your marketing efforts are performing. 

For example, the number of website visitors or the conversion rate from leads to customers.

A marketing dashboard is a collection of marketing metrics that gives you an overview of how your marketing is performing as a whole.

What Are Metrics and Dashboards?

What are Metrics?

Metrics are measurements of quantifiable data that allow you to track and assess your business performance.

And they measure a wide range of areas, including website traffic, conversion rates, product sales, customer satisfaction, and more.

What are Dashboards?

Dashboards are visualization of your metric data that allows you to track your business performance at a glance.

Dashboards typically include graphs and charts that make it easy to see how your metrics are changing over time.

And it is crucial to distinguish between metrics and dashboards because they offer different insights. 

Metrics can help you drill down into specific areas to identify problems or opportunities.


Dashboards provide a high-level overview of your marketing performance.


5 Ways How a Marketing Dashboard is Distinguishable From a Marketing Metric:

1. Range of metrics

A marketing dashboard typically includes a wide range of metrics than a marketing metric.

So the first way a marketing dashboard is distinguishable from a marketing metric is through the range of metrics.

For example, the marketing dashboard includes several metrics such as:

–Cost per acquisition 

–Customer lifetime value 

–Bounce rate

–Reach & Engagement levels and so on.

Yet a marketing metric includes only a unit of measurement and such as Bounce rate only.

So a marketing metric focus on only one area or aspect of marketing. 

2. Measure the performance

Secondly, a marketing dashboard is distinguishable from a marketing metric by Measuring the performance.

A marketing dashboard measures the performance of an entire marketing department or organization.


 A marketing metric measures the performance of a specific campaign or tactic.

Additionally, a marketing dashboard tracks the overall performance of all marketing channels.


A marketing metric can only track the performance of a single marketing channel.

3. Presentation 

Thirdly a marketing dashboard is distinguishable from a marketing metric through Presentation.

A marketing dashboard is usually presented in graphical form.

And such as Bar graphs, Line graphs, histograms, Pie charts, Scatter diagrams and so on.


 A marketing metric is usually presented in numerical form.

4. Comparative

Fourthly, a marketing dashboard is distinguishable from a marketing metric by its Comparative nature.

A marketing dashboard is comparative, while metrics are not. 

A dashboard allows you to compare performance over time or against benchmarks.

 Yet metrics stand alone and cannot be compared. 

5. Track Goals

Fifth, a marketing dashboard is distinguishable from a marketing metric by Tracking Goals.

A marketing dashboard tracks multiple goals simultaneously, while a marketing metric can only track one goal at a time.

A marketing dashboard also tracks organizational goals, while marketing metrics track specific program goals. 

 Additionally, a marketing dashboard tracks any metric, while a marketing metric track one specific metric.



A marketing dashboard is a visual representation of your marketing performance, typically including key metrics and KPIs. 

A marketing metric is a quantifiable measure that helps you track and assess your marketing performance. 

And in other words, a marketing dashboard gives you an overview of how you’re doing.


A marketing metric allows you to drill down into the details.


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