Engagement Content Ideas

And we are to discuss the 12 engagement content ideas.

All of these and more will be answered as you read through this post. 

So we’ll take a look at some ways to make your content more interesting, unique, and – ultimately – more engaging. 

With fresh ideas and creative insight on how to inject your brand of awesome sauce into your posts. 

This guide will help you take your engagement to the next level!

So read on to find out more about engagement content ideas and how they can help your business succeed online!


Engagement Content Ideas

Engagement content ideas are pieces of content that help people think and act in a particular way.

You can do some serious damage to your social following and authority if you publish content that lacks engagement. 

Think about it, when you go to share a piece of content on your favourite social network, what catches your eye?

 Which ones are engaging with their content and thus get more shares than other people’s posts? 

To generate more shares, traffic, clicks and all other forms of engagement.

So you need to be publishing relevant and interesting things on a regular basis.


12 Engagement Content Ideas

Creating engaging content is one of the best ways to get people to think and act in a particular way. 

And by providing your audience with valuable information, you can help them make better decisions and improve their lives.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 12 engagement content ideas that you can use to get started.

1] First Engagement Content Ideas: Try a poll.

The best way to involve your audience in your content is by using polls.

They allow you to ask questions and get feedback on the products, services, companies or brands that you’re promoting. 

And you can even use polls as a way to get readers’ opinions on things like:

— how they feel about their current job 

— or how long they’ve been working there

— And these types of questions often lead people into revealing more personal details that can make for interesting stories.

2] Second Engagement Content Ideas: Share a video of someone on your team.

Videos are a great way to tell a story. 

You can even share videos of your team interacting with customers or doing something related to the industry. 

For example, if you sell dog toys online. 

So then maybe one of your best videos would be an interview with one of your employees who love dogs. 

Or if you sell clothing for women who love running and yoga.

Then maybe one of the best ways to show off what makes your brand:

— is by interviewing someone who works there, about why they love working at this particular company so much.

And people like watching video content because it is engaging and easy to consume. 

It is also an easy way for brands to show their personality and culture through their online presence.

 – Especially when they share videos from behind-the-scenes or user testimonials!

3] Third Engagement Content Ideas: Post a fun fact about your brand.

If you want to post a fun fact about your brand, make sure it’s relevant to your audience. 

The best way to do this is by asking yourself: 

— “What would my customers appreciate?” 

Then, when choosing which facts are interesting, think about what makes sense for them. 

So is there something they already know? 

How can I show them something new? 

And if the fact is too technical or long-winded (or short), then consider cutting it down and making it more concise.

4] Fourth Engagement Content Ideas: Share something exciting!

a) Share something exciting!

It should be no surprise that sharing exciting, relevant content is one of the best ways to engage your audience. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a real-life event that’s happening in your space, make sure everyone knows about it. 

So if you’re launching a new product or service, get the word out there as quickly as possible so potential customers can plan. 

And if you’re doing anything else cool at work.

That might lead people who aren’t already aware of your brand down some sort of rabbit hole, So pass along those details!

b) Don’t be afraid to share outside-the-box ideas.

It’s tempting when brainstorming engagement content ideas to stay within the safe territory: 

So don’t be afraid to share outside-the-box ideas.

It’s important not only to challenge yourself with new topics.

But also to try new formats for posting as well.

— And like video instead of text updates.

Or putting together questionnaires for users rather than just sending out generic tweets.

Asking what they think about this week’s news headlines (although both approaches could still yield valuable insights).

5] Fifth Engagement Content Ideas: Ask people to caption your photo.

Captioning photos is a great way to engage with your audience. 

So ask followers to caption the photo, then share their best captions and favourite captions. 

You can also ask followers for more than one caption for each image.

 Or ask them to create their photo with a specific word in mind.

6] Sixth Engagement Content Ideas: Have fun with humour.

Humour is a great way to engage your audience, break up the monotony of your feed and show your personality.

And humour is a great icebreaker—and it is not just for performing. 

It is a great way to connect with others—and open up the possibility of future business opportunities.

You can use humour to tell a story, like this post from [Company Name]. 

So you could get silly with it! 

A little bit of silliness can go a long way at keeping things lighthearted (and memorable). 

And you could even try adding in an element of surprise:

By posting something that had nothing to do with the original topic but still makes sense for the brand.

7] Seventh Engagement Content Ideas: Try a giveaway.

Giveaways are one of the best ways to generate engagement and attract new customers. 

They can be a prize (like a gift card or trip), a discount on your service, or anything else you can think of. 

So giveaways also come in many forms: contests, sweepstakes, and even free trials are all great options. 

The giveaway can be branded or unbranded as well.

—Whether it’s tied to your brand or not depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with this strategy. 

If you have an existing audience who follows and trusts you.

Branded giveaways are perfect because they’ll be excited about them even if they don’t win a prize!

So now that we’ve covered why giveaways are great for engaging content and how they come in different forms.

Let’s take a look at some examples so that we can see how other brands use them effectively:

— [Articulate Story]:

– Articulate Story is an online writing course that helps aspiring writers create their own stories from beginning to end.

By teaching them how to write a dialogue between characters in scenes.

So that each character has their voice within the story overall…

8] Eighth Engagement Content Ideas: Host an Instagram Live Q&A.

Have you ever heard of the hashtag? 

It’s a way to get people to ask questions about your content, which you can then answer in real-time. 

So you could even use this as a way to generate some more ideas for content! 

Create a hashtag related to your brand, and share it with your audience so they can use it when posting their content. 

Not only will this give you more material for future posts.

But it also helps encourage engagement from people who want answers from you as well.

The best part is that once the live stream has ended (or if there aren’t any questions).

 All of the questions are saved in one place on Instagram.

 – Making them easy to reference later on when needing inspiration!

9] Repost your best customers’ content.

Reposting the content of your customers is a great way to build a relationship with them. 

And you can do this by creating a board on Pinterest, and writing an article on your blog.

 Or sharing their page on Facebook and Twitter. 

Be sure to credit them in whatever way you’re reposting their content (e.g., “Thanks to @customer_name for this awesome idea!”).

In addition to building relationships:

It’s also a great way of giving exposure to someone else’s work if they don’t have their platform for sharing it! 

Most bloggers want more readers and social media influencers want more followers.

So using this strategy will help you accomplish both goals simultaneously. 

And don’t forget that when you share someone else’s work, be sure to follow them as well.

—That will show them how much appreciation you have for what they put out there!

10] Share behind-the-scenes photos from work or events.

Engagement can be found in the most unexpected places.

Sharing behind-the-scenes photos is one way to show your followers what you’re up to. 

This type of content helps build trust with your audience.

And shows them a more personal side of your brand while also allowing them to see the people behind it. 

And if you run a retail store, share pictures of new products being delivered.

If you have an office space, post photos of employees hard at work.

If you do construction, take pictures from inside buildings under construction.

Or if you sell makeup online, post customer selfies using products purchased on your site!

11] Create user-generated content by hosting a month-long challenge or hashtag campaign.

Hosting a month-long challenge or hashtag campaign is another great way to inspire your audience. 

So Engagement content like this can help you create a strong bond with your users as they share their stories and experiences.

 And which in turn will make them feel more invested in the brand.

After creating an engaging challenge, invite participants to post photos.

Or videos from that day or week on social media using a specific hashtag. 

This will make it easier for you (or the people managing the account) to find all the entries from that period. 

You could also use this method as part of an ongoing contest where people can enter multiple times per day by using different hashtags each time!

Another option is having users submit photos with their take on how they live healthy lifestyles through food choices, exercise routines, etc.

 And then picking one winner at random every [specify a day during month-date – month-date].”

 12] Start a story or inspiration board: 

Create a storyboard where users can share their successes and struggles in life, which you can use to inspire others. 

If you run an online store, collect testimonials from customers who have had success with your products or services. 

And be sure to include photos as well! 



Look for sources that make their points in clear, short sentences (with a few paragraphs to help elaborate on each). 

This helps people feel like they can accomplish something by reading just a part of it.

This way, they’ll be more likely to share your content with their friends and family.

There are so many creative options for you to engage with your followers.

—And now that you know 12 ways to do it, all that is left is to get started. 

Which post idea are you going to try out first?

Your Comments are welcome below!

Good luck!


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