60 Best Free Ads Sites

Want to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of potential customers without spending one cent on advertising?

Free ads sites are your answer, and the following list will help you get started quickly and easily. 


Here are the 60 Best Free Ads Sites and why they’re worth your time and attention.

1] adsmantra.com

This site has many ad formats that you can select from.

Their online software allows you to create your ads quickly and easily and even lets you add a video. 

The most useful element is that it’s free!

If you decide to advertise with them, they also provide helpful analytics.

That you can track how well your ads are doing. 

By using a combination of their different ad types, we increased our organic web traffic by 700% in one month! That’s what we call a win-win situation.

2] freeadscity.com

This site features advertising for all kinds of products and services.

The most useful element is that it’s completely free.

Browse through different listings or post your ad to find a great deal on whatever you need at no cost. 

This is also a great place to get ideas for what types of advertisements work best.

And which ones don’t bring in many leads.

3] globalfreeclassifiedads.com

globalfreeclassifiedads.com lists just about everything under the sun.

And you don’t have to wait long for your ad to appear online.

On average, it takes less than 48 hours for your ad to go live. 

The site has more than 8 million members worldwide.

So there are plenty of potential buyers that can see your ads and respond accordingly. 

Once an interested party contacts you directly, use our auto-responder feature.

So they know exactly when you will be able to chat with them further.

4] rediff Classifieds.com

Rediff Classifieds is a fast and easy-to-use platform where you can advertise your product or service in several ways.

—From selling/exchanging products to offering services. 

The site has an excellent user interface and makes it incredibly easy to create, upload, or update classified ads. 

You can choose from a variety of categories (make sure you select the right one).

And decide how long your ad will stay up. It’s free to post an ad!

5] Articles.h1ad.com

One of the best free ad sites that gets you free traffic to your website with each submission. 

This ad site isn’t heavily trafficked.

It gives you a variety of options to choose from while allowing unlimited submissions. 

You can opt for text-only ads or get banner ads as well.

Each type of advertisement will come with its pricing per click and impression. 

The best part about Artich1ad is that there are no deadlines.

—As long as you have submitted at least one time in three months, you’re good to go!

6] blog.freeadstime.org

Well, what can I say? All you need to do is create an account, and you can start listing your ad for free. 

This site will allow you to create a personalized listing for your business with its easy-to-use system. 

Additionally, with more than 21 million visits per month.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to reach a lot of potential customers through this platform.

7] Finder Master

This is a free classifieds site that doesn’t charge anything to post an ad.

You can post ads in a variety of categories and subcategories.

And you can even list a phone number for your business. 

What I like about Finder Master is that it’s not local-only.

It does provide filters for city and state so that you can focus on your target market. 

And since you don’t pay anything to use it, there are no listing fees or annual membership costs involved.

 8] GiganticList.com

This is one of my personal favourites.

Gigantic List hosts a wide variety of free ads, including everything from job postings to business opportunities and even real estate. 

The site has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, BusinessWeek and Huffington Post.

But they offer one of their best features free to all users: their free classifieds section.

9] WallClassifieds

The site, which gets its name from combining wall and classifieds, recently passed 100 million listings (the majority of which are free), making it a popular option for anyone selling anything—particularly those selling large or expensive items. 

Listings can include high-quality photos and even video, as well as additional details about what’s being sold.

To get started with WallClassifieds, you simply create an account and then start listing your item(s). 

There is no cost to doing so.

Once you publish your ad on WallClassifieds, people can reply to your ad through the messaging system to communicate with you further regarding that specific posting.


10] ClassifiedsFactor.com

ClassifiedsFactor offers a web-based platform for individuals, businesses and organizations to advertise and sell products or services. 

With ClassifiedsFactor, you can create an ad for any type of business transaction you are looking to conduct. 

The site includes a streamlined interface that makes it simple to set up an ad, upload pictures and describe your product or service in detail. 

If you prefer to conduct transactions offline, there is also a local search section that allows users to search local ads through their city.

11] inetgiant.com

Inetgiant is a free ad site that focuses on promoting products and services in categories such as business services, health and wellness, travel, and finance. 

Posting an ad on Inetgiant only takes a few minutes.

—As long as you have at least one image of your product or service to upload with your post—and it will remain active for three months. 

This site has a limited number of listings at any given time, so make sure you get yours before someone else does!

12] Free Ads Time

A great free site to advertise your business or services is called Free Ads Time. 

Even though it does not get a gigantic share of traffic, it’s a fantastic site to get started for your new company because it’s very easy to use and requires no downloads or installation.

You can also register for an account on their website, which provides more options, such as being able to post pictures of your business. 

This is a good option if you are just starting and want somewhere simple to start.

13] ClassifiedAds.com

This site is a bit different from others—it has elements of Craigslist, but there are more filters and search tools. 

What’s nice about it is that you can use pictures to list your item, post a price, and have a small ad. 

The downside? It doesn’t do any SEO for you, so you need to do some additional keyword research if you want traffic. 

14] classifieds.ivarta.com

Ivarta has been a favourite among internet marketers and small business owners because of its highly-optimized design and massive exposure to traffic. 

Whether you’re looking for a job, searching for a part-time gig or trying to sell something online, Ivarta will give you what you need. 

With millions of visits per month, Ivarta is hands down one of the 60 Best Free Ads Sites out there. 

15] ocala4sale.com

Is a free classified site that allows you to list your car, real estate and other items. 

Advertising  on Ocala4sale.com is for free. Ocala4sale.com also have a dating section where you can connect with a single girl for a love relationship, Friendship or life partner. 

It is like craigslist of Ocala Florida city but dedicated to local buyers and sellers.

You can find anything at Ocalacom because it is growing very fastly on the most popular website of Ocala Florida city.


16] H1ad.com 

H1Ads allows you to get your product or service in front of millions of people looking for a product or service that you offer. 

The website generates around six million page views per month and has over 20,000 clicks per day.

H1Ads also provides you with a dofollow backlink when you advertise on this site.

This can be incredibly helpful when it comes to ranking on search engines.

Just be sure to keep track of where your competitors are using H1Ads so that you don’t accidentally pay money on an ad they’ve used.

17] whereincity.com

Simply enter your city, and then create a text or graphics-based ad.

No sign-up is required, although you can register and create an account to edit your ad later on. 

This free website allows you to target ads by keyword, location and age group (among other categories).

Ads run on a first-come, first-served basis until they’re sold out.

18] vast.com

This free ads site allows you to showcase your product in front of a targeted audience.

In addition, it offers various ad placement and customization options so that you can get your message across. 

The website also features a visual editor to help make writing your ad easier and faster.

To promote yourself using vast, all you need is an email address and a unique web address for your business or service.

19] yakaz.com

Yakaz is a great way to get your product in front of a large audience and attract a new customer base. 

This ad site allows you to list your product for free, but it does require some information about you.

And what you offer before you can post.

20] advertiseera.com

This is one of our favourite 60 Best Free Ads Sites because it’s easy to navigate and helps you create a basic ad for your business in a matter of minutes. 

They also have some great features, like monitoring to help you keep track of how many times your ads are being viewed. 

If you prefer more advanced features (and are willing to pay), check out JustAds or ListAmerica.


21] daype.com

Daype is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell products and services, connect with local buyers and sellers, get listed on directories, promote your business to global brands, create a mailing list and etc. 

They provide free online classifieds for posting items for sale by individuals or companies.

Listings are 100% free. No sign up required. 

Listing options include a basic free listing, which allows you to post a one ad and pay nothing extra!

22] classifiedslive.com

This site allows you to list your items for free. You can browse their listings, but you’ll need to register to post an ad of your own. 

They also provide a large database of used products that can be purchased directly from sellers. 

Signing up on ClassifiedsLive.com is effortless and free, and it’s worth testing out for any person who has used eBay or craigslist in the past and wants to post ads.

23] domesticsale.com

Considered one of the 60 Best Free Ads Sites, DomesticSale.com is an excellent site to list your home, apartment or condo.

If you’re moving across town or out of state, DomesticSale provides you with a way to sell your home without incurring additional fees. 

The site attracts over 30 million users per month, many of whom are seeking apartments and homes for sale in their area.

Listing a property on DomesticSale takes less than 15 minutes.

24] sell.com

Used by millions, this free-to-post, paid-to-click site lets you advertise your product or service to people searching for related goods and services. 

One downside is that they’ll only post a single ad in each category at any given time;

Once it gets posted, there’s a 30 day period before you can add another. 

To bypass that limitation, create ads in a few categories instead of just one.

25] olx.com

This site is best for bargain hunters, as it specializes in used items for sale and online auctions. 

The nice thing about olx is that you can get started without an account.

—Just log in using your Facebook account to avoid creating one. 

Once you’ve posted your ad, share it with friends on social media to increase exposure.


26] clickIndia.com

click India allows users to post classified ads without registration.

You can advertise your products and services quickly, easily and cheaply. 

An added advantage is that it is entirely free of cost.

One thing that is slightly different about click India when compared to other similar sites, is that it allows you to attach audio files with your ad.

Which makes your ad appear more attractive than one without sound.

27] ziply.com

This is a free classifieds site with a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to post items and browse through categories to find what you need. 

ziply.com also offers location-based searches.

So if you live in an area with high levels of traffic (e.g., a college town or popular city), you can browse for other members by location.

28] thisismyindia.com

This India site allows you to place free classified ads and free online classifieds.

These can be updated 24/7, which is a great feature for an online business. 

You can choose from three packages on their website: Basic, Pro and Premium. 

The Basic package will allow you to list your product or service for free but without access to features like;

-Google Maps

-or newsletter subscription form boxes.

With Pro or Premium packages, you will have access to these features.

29]  AdlandPro

You need to pay to get listed on many of these sites, but not AdlandPro.

Instead, they offer a wide range of banner ad sizes and standard ad types that you can use to promote your business and website. 

Because they don’t charge anything for listings, it doesn’t cost anything to submit your site—and all you need is an email address. 

Once you have submitted your ad, it will be reviewed by their advertising team before being published; if approved, it will appear on their website. 

The submission process may take between 1–3 days depending on how busy they are with submissions at any given time. 

It typically takes only about 10 minutes to complete;

However, make sure to read through their instructions carefully before starting so as not to leave out any crucial information!


30] bonqo.com

bonqo is all about blogs and infographics, but their free ads section can be a great source of leads. 

You can post an ad for free, and pay to display your ad at higher positions on their pages.

Bonqo currently offers only one CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) pricing model—charging you more if you want more exposure. 

It’s easy to post an ad and to tweak its placement in your account dashboard once it has been posted.

31] Geebo

This free ad site is great for local businesses because it allows you to set your location, meaning customers will only be able to view and respond to your ad if they are nearby. 

While it doesn’t have as many users as some of its competitors, it does have a dedicated staff of writers who help ensure each post is professional and easy to understand. 

And because every submission goes through an approval process, there’s little worry about false.

Or misleading information making it onto your page. 

In addition to individual ads, Geebo also has a seller guide section on their website that provides tips and tricks for new entrepreneurs; visitors can also post reviews of sellers.

32] Locanto

This is a platform with local listings. It’s considered one of the 60 Best Free Ads Sites.

Because you can list your product or service for free, but you’ll need to pay if your advertisement gets clicked on. 

There are also forums to help engage with customers, but like many free ad sites, it isn’t very popular in today’s online environment. 

Be sure to post in-depth details about what you’re offering and ask questions from potential clients.

Posting too much information may result in getting blocked from posting again.

33] traderonline.com

TradoOnline is one of those free ad sites that started as a small venture by three people with a passion for business. 

It has now grown into a community that is dedicated to helping other business owners promote their businesses online for free. 

You can post ads and contact other advertisers on TradoOnline.

But it also has an exchange feature that allows you to trade products and services with other members who are looking for what you have to offer.

34] Sales Spider

The self-proclaimed world’s largest sales lead marketplace, Sales Spider is a fantastic resource for finding new customers. 

If you have an existing business with which you want to expand your lead database.

You can use your existing email list on Sales Spider and pay for leads. 

On average, 50% of sales leads come from online ad platforms.

When used wisely and intelligently, these 60 Best Free Ads Sites can be a great way to grow your business and generate more income.

35] Oodle

This free classifieds service has been a favourite of Internet users for more than a decade. 

Millions of items are listed on Oodle every month, which means there’s a ton of competition in most categories. 

That said, if you can consistently offer top-notch products or services at an unbeatable price.

Then you might just make some money.


36] classifieds.webindia123.com

To begin, you can post free ads on WebIndia123’s classifieds website.

You can easily create an account and start posting your classified ads online in less than 5 minutes.

To attract more attention to your ad, you have to select a category that matches your business and focus on writing effective descriptions of your products or services.

You also need to pay close attention to your ad appearance.

Because here you are allowed to upload images along with the ads which will ensure greater chances of getting clicked.

37] Facebook Marketplace

In addition to selling your items on its main site, Facebook offers a place for users to buy and sell things within their communities.

Browse nearby items or expand your search across Facebook’s global network. 

Whether you have collectables, electronics, furniture or clothing to hawk.

Marketplace is a great way to find buyers in places you may not have thought of checking before.

38] adswale.in

This is a fantastic ad site that allows you to create an account and upload images, descriptions and contact information for your business. 

It’s 100% free and generates leads directly to your inbox. 

Most importantly, adswale has a ton of traffic so you can rest assured that your ads will be seen by many people in search of your product or service.

39] Adsapt

Has a good mix of free and paid options; has built-in share buttons, so you can promote content across social networks. 

To start, you have to give them a bit of information about your company, but after that, you can create an ad for free and place it on their network. 

After clicking publish they’ll bring up your ad in a box that looks like any other web page.

40] Gumtree

If you have any old furniture lying around your house, or if you’re planning on getting rid of it, Gumtree is a great place to start. 

It’s home to thousands of people selling almost anything from bicycles to pianos.

So there’s a pretty good chance that whatever it is you need for your business, you can find it on Gumtree for free!

Be sure to check out their Furniture & Beds category for some real gems.


41] indnav.com/Classifieds

Classified adverts are online versions of newspaper ads.

You can use them to promote your business or start a discussion around an industry issue that you have expertise in. 

Classified ads are generally free and tend to attract people who are actively searching for specific products.

Or services, making them ideal as a way to grow your database of potential consumers.

42] Letgo

The free app-based platform is easy to use and available across most smartphone platforms.

Letgo facilitates safe local peer-to-peer selling, making it one of our favourite ways to sell unwanted items quickly. 

The interface is also simple, requiring users to create a username, add photos of their item for sale and set a starting price. 

For an additional fee, you can have Letgo provide shipping services when your item sells.

43] adpostbox.com

Nowadays, online advertising is important for a business.

It helps increase traffic to your website and in turn generate more sales and leads.

If you are looking for the 60 Best Free Ads Sites, then you should try out Adpostbox. 

It is an online advertising network that offers unlimited views, clicks and impressions so that you can get maximum ROI on your investment.

44] eBay Classifieds

According to one recent study, eBay Classifieds leads all the other 60 Best Free Ads Sites in terms of quality leads. 

This popular classified site is a great place to find individuals looking for everything from homes and cars to jobs and furniture. 

For business owners, it can be a particularly lucrative tool since you’ll also have access to potential customers who are actively looking for products or services like yours.

45] Craigslist

As simple as it may seem, Craigslist has a lot to offer your business. 

The classifieds section of Craigslist allows you to post your free ads for free.

This is a great way to get started in online advertising. 

If you’re looking for customers who are actively seeking what you have to offer.

Then Craigslist is one of the best places for local businesses to advertise their goods and services.


46] Back page classifieds 

With listings from around 500 cities across three countries, Back page classifieds is one of the most gigantic free ads sites available.

While it mainly focuses on selling products and services (e.g., cars and real estate).

You can also use it to promote your brand, service or event—and make some money in return.

47] Freecycle

Founded in 2003, Freecycle has grown to more than 7 million members worldwide. 

Members are limited to ten messages per month, with most posts coming from organized groups of people looking for free items and those looking to give something away. 

It is a great place to get rid of old stuff and pick up some cool new things.

Most cities have their groups on Freecycle that you can join.

Sign up for your local group today!

48] FreeBestAds.com

FreeBestAds.com is one of the 60 Best Free Ads Sites that has been online for several years and is one of my dearests.

What I like about it is that it’s easy to set up ads and manage your account. 

The site also offers banner ads that can be purchased through an auction process.

(meaning you pay only for impressions) or a flat rate based on page views.

The interface is clean and easy to use, even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

49] SuperAdPost.com

SuperAdPost is one of our favourite 60 Best Free Ads Sites because it has a wide variety of categories. 

Whether you’re selling something or looking for customers, there’s a category on SuperAdPost for you. 

It also offers some great features like live chat support if you have any questions about your ad or how to use their site.

50] vivastreet.co.in

Vivastreet is an online platform that allows you to post jobs and recruit candidates. 

With more than 3,000 local job boards in 15 countries, it’s a one-stop-shop for finding local talent.

Customers can filter candidates by keyword, skill set, industry and location.


51] Hoobly

Using Hoobly is a great way to market your business.

If you have a small business and are just starting, you may not want to fork over a ton of money for a paid service like Facebook ads or Google adwords. 

And, if your budget isn’t unlimited but you still want results, it’s important to be wise with how you spend your money.

By using Hoobly for example, you can create an online ad campaign without spending too much money.

52] Juxtapost.com

Juxtapost offers free advertising services to its registered users. Using Juxtapost is simple. 

Register for an account with Juxtapost and select either FREE or PAID posting packages. 

For paid package postings, you can choose from three options: $5, $10 or $15.

Once you’ve selected your desired package, fill out your ad by adding a title, description and URL link to your product/service listing.

53] AdPost

This ad site allows you to create ads for free and then publish them to their community.

It works well for small businesses or individuals who have limited funds available. 

In addition, it doesn’t require too much of your time.

Which makes it ideal for entrepreneurs who aren’t focused on marketing full-time.

Or those who are simply too busy with other aspects of their business.

54] epage.com

ePage is a simple, user-friendly website creation tool.

The website builder itself is free, but upgrades for enhanced functionality and design are available for purchase. 

ePage supports plug-ins that let you integrate popular social media platforms such as;

Facebook and Twitter with your site to promote interaction with your customers.

So epage.com is one of our 60 Best Free Ads Sites.


55] adsglobe.com

This ad network has a focus on Google ads, but they do offer display ads, pop-ups and even mobile banner advertisements.

They provide users with an easy to use interface where you can create multiple ads in one place. 

They offer a minimum payout of $2 which is nice if you are just getting started and only need a small amount of money per month.

Their ad creation tool makes it super simple to set up your ads and get them ready for placement. 

If you sign up for their free membership, then you will receive 1 free non-expiring listing in their premium section!

That’s a great way to test out how well their site works for generating leads before committing any additional time or money to it.

56] adeex.in

This site can be used to advertise or find jobs.

It also includes a feature that allows you to create your job board and charge employers to list their jobs on it. 

If you’re interested in recruiting employees, adeex could help streamline things for you;

simply include a message on your website with details about how to apply. 

Make sure to select craigslist-style postings when setting up job listings.

So they’ll appear in the applicable city and regional craigslist sites automatically.

57] quikr.com

Quikr is an online classified website that caters to listing and advertising real estate, used cars, jobs and local services.

Users can advertise anything they want as long as it doesn’t break any laws. 

The site was launched in 2008 by Pranay Chulet and Jiby Thomas.

To date, Quikr has raised $120 million in funding from investors like;

-Tencent Holdings Ltd.,

-Helion Venture Partners

-and Tiger Global Management LLC.

58] claz.org

Because Claz tracks products sold by other vendors and gathers their reviews. It’s a great way to increase your brand recognition online. 

It has more than 100 million monthly users who use it to search for products they are looking for and places to buy them.

So if you own a shoe store or sell beauty products, Claz is a good option. 

On top of that, Claz offers its own set of SEO tools so you can boost your rankings across multiple e-commerce platforms and categories.

59] pennysaverusa.com

This site connects buyers and sellers through a classified ad format.

Consumers may post ads listing items they’re looking to buy, while businesses can showcase any services or products they have available. 

With so many different ways to advertise on PennysaverUSA, you won’t have trouble finding a spot that best fits your needs.

Plus, it allows you to save any listings of interest for later viewing—making it easy to check back whenever something catches your eye. 

Most of all, PennysaverUSA is a great way to jump-start sales in an otherwise slow market;

with such a wide range of options available, there’s no telling how much business you could drum up if only more people knew about your offerings!

60] sify.com

Sify is one of India’s leading Internet companies and offers a comprehensive suite of web, broadband, telephone and digital TV services. 

The company was founded in 1994 by Vijay Sankeshwar with its headquarters located in Mumbai.

It has over 20 million unique users per month with 25,000+ web pages including 22,000+ online games. 

Finally sify.com is our last of these 60 Best Free Ads Sites.



Not only do these 60 Best Free Ads Sites allow you to get your product or service in front of potential customers for free, but they also provide you with a way to track your performance. 

This can be especially helpful for new entrepreneurs since it’s difficult to estimate exactly how effective your marketing efforts are when you don’t have an established base of customers.

Feel free to remind us [ using the comment section] about any Free ads site you think we left out.

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